Sunday, November 16, 2008

If I Can Make It Here...

My attempts at writing a novel in a month are not very successful. I've got no shortage of material, but making prose out of it isn't going fast. Every time I get started I find I need to stop and figure another five things out.

My visit to New York has come and gone and went very well. I'll play around with getting photos from facebook to work here, but I'm a bit tired now. Me and Dunk did a lot of tourist stuff - we probably couldn't have done any more - but it's taking a while for my body to spin back up to speed.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Throwing My Hat In

I'm no expert, activist, I can barely talk politics. Yet I am thrilled that Barack Obama has projectively won the presidency of the United States. I believe he'll prove himself a president I can be proud of.

Appointments and Disappointments

I knew that the month of November would be tumultuous, chaotic, perhaps even worth the risks of cryogenic freezing to avoid, but I didn't think it'd kick in so soon.

The pains of working while writing came full force October 31st when the computer connected to our mail metering machine, for lack of better words, melted. I'll spare the details, but the efforts to remedy either the machine or my state of mind took up more of my weekend than I wanted. And so, while writing my novel has begun, it's a very slow start.

Today being election day, I hope my US citizen readers vote or have voted. To foreign readers - and I've been told they exist - I invite you pull up a chair and a beverage to witness Clusterf*ck '08. I recommend alcohol, the purchase of which is prohibited on election day; this is either genius or despotism, I'm not sure.

I got a phone call from the David Letterman show today, and though a job on their writing staff never came up, I did win tickets to see the show next Wednesday! I'll be in New York most of that week with one Duncan Heaney, who I'm sure will leave a lasting impression on the U.S. of A. Or at least their deportation list.