Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Entry

I came up with the idea to restart this blog yesterday, though I've wanted to bring it back for much longer.

It might've been keeping with tradition to wait until tomorrow, the first day of the new year, to start something new. But if I hinge the changes I want to make on a chart designed by people dead for centuries set on an arbitrary position in relation to the sun, I feel like I'm surrendering my motivation to the cause.

No surrender.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


A blog writer stopped updating his blog. Then he dusted it off. Now onto something more closely resembling a topic...

It has become unavoidably apparent to me that I have some kind of grudge with the cosmos (despite the natural charm and refined wit of Neil DeGrasse Tyson). Details such as which party offended first, who drew battle lines where, these are unknown, and for the time-being immaterial.

I have allowed this grudge to become the status quo. I dressed it up pretty, made excuses, convinced myself and others that our attitudes toward each other were acceptable.

This is no longer the case.

So with this post I announce a new stance. I seek not the destruction of my enemy, in part because it has cleverly insinuated itself into my stuff. What I'm going to fight for is a new relationship with this adversary. It seems at this moment unlikely that we will be friends, but maybe we can work something out to the point that we both get more out of being neighbors.

This blog will chronicle said struggle. I could just start a new blog, but that doesn't seem necessary. This fight relates in some ways to my efforts to develop as a writer, which was the original purpose for this blog way back in the day.

If this entry seems cryptic and nonsensical, please deal with it. Releasing too many details all at once about my resources and strategies would only serve the cause of the enemy, as Sun Tzu would explain. that and I need to keep these entries short or else I'll never keep updating this thing.