Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foul Things

As I write this, the temperature is -2 degrees F. I BELIEVE that's -10 C, but no matter how you measure it, humans weren't meant to survive those temps for very long. I love this time of year, even when the weather's like this, because it's pretty and it more or less forces you inside, huddled in covers or other people. Being out in it, though, is foul.

I promised you my take on foul language last post, so I might as well follow through with that shit. I like swearing, it's fun, but it's a flawed thing. Anytime you swear, people around you get the idea that you're probably upset about something, but it's not easy to tell what. A passerby may think you're swearing at him for wearing ugly pants, or accidentally bumping him as you were on your phone getting directions, and it would affect the rest of their day negatively because they didn't see the fresh dog poop you just stepped in. Swearing gets your idea across, but modern society's far too complex to say WHAT it is you're pissed off at and WHY using a few short words. I don't want to be ambiguous, and I'd like people to know what I'm talking about, so there'll be a cap on swearing. That only applies to the main body, in the comments it's a whole new game.

So WordWorld is still going strong, and I think I've come up with a couple of ideas for short stories in the same setting. This is something I was worried wouldn't happen - I wanted a couple of shorter things to work out the bugs and really get a feel for writing this piece. The ideas are fun, give love to a few conventions and challenge others, and make people laugh, so I'm going full-tilt.

Oh, by the way: Happy New Year!

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