Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Things

One: I just saw Iron Man 2. Overall I really liked it. Enough explosions and comic geekery to satisfy just about anyone (and in the case of myself and another comic nerd, to make them bounce up and down the walls of the theatre, though the caffeine might have had a part in that). Some issues with how they played Tony vis a vis his father figures, but I won't spoil anything. Awesome popcorn flick, and PLEASE stay after the credits. A third of the theatre walked out when they started, and it should be common knowledge by now that there are great kickers in Marvel movies for those who are patient.

Two, and perhaps the more critical: Unless something drastic happens between now and then, I will be teaching a class at Butler this coming fall. This will not interfere with either my other job there, nor will it affect my other writing projects. If anything, the effort of building and teaching a class will sharpen and enhance my output. This is an exciting (and sudden) development, not least of all because it'll give me a chance to put my Masters to work. I'll be taking a workshop for the rest of the week, and by the end of it I believe I'll have the backbone for a solid and lively course.

But I'll settle for fewer butterflies in my digestive system, thank you.

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