Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Death Throes

I woke up this morning in theory, but in practice I don't think the wheels have quite spun up to speed yet. It was a long day yesterday, subbing for our regular mail courier Gary who just had his first grandbaby (a boy for the curious), refilling a flat tire, getting library books when I was too stupid to have them transferred to walking distance, watching the Colts valiantly lose to the Tennessee Titans, and getting drunk off unique-yet-powerful beer in the process. Perhaps waking up was a mistake.

I also noticed as I rose what appeared to be bug bites. They don't itch anymore, but when I showed them to the family physician assitant (read: Mom), she said it looked like the beginning of a rash that's afflicted half the house already, and has a habit of covering as much as half the body. Imagine how many jubilant backflips commenced when I heard that bit of news.

Still, things aren't all bad. The staff for my Starman costume's almost done, could be as soon as tonight if I'm vigilant (though the odds of that are very low). My new Xbox is just about set up fully, but if I can find a cheap HDMI cable I may get it for when we visit people with big TVs. I'm foraying into the marvelous world of liquid dieting to remove the only viable black mark on my latest check-up, as much to see if I can handle a "healthy physique" as anything.

Oh, and as the that whole pesky writing career... "Room to Scratch" is off to another magazine, a fate I hope to share with the other story whose name eludes me right now. The graphic novel scripts are both freshly edited - and CRAP did "The Dosage" ever need it - and artists are being scouted, which is more fun than I remember. The way's becoming clear for my stab at NaNoWriMo, so this week will hopefully have me finishing notes and outlines so when November 1st hits, I can hit the ground scribbling.

That is all.

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