Sunday, November 11, 2012


I was just reading my last entry and finding it more prophetic than I'd ever intended. In time I will expand on that, but for now I have other things to share.

Just came back from watching Skyfall, and one of the odd things it made me think of is how much history my generation has already been part of. Five decades of cinema ago, a bunch of people made a cheesy movie and started a global franchise, all leading up to the film of today, where very little cheese is to be found. That's not to say it's pretentious - it's very aware and respective of its roots - it's just that it's not bound to them, it's willing to try something different, and there's respect in that. More if it succeeds, and in my opinion it truly does succeed, but even if it hadn't, at least it tried.

My writer's block isn't gone yet, but there are cracks forming. I'll have dry spells, and then a day when I crack 1,000 words. they lack the polish that only comes from regular practice, but they get the job done. My professional blogging work is also going well; I'm continuously trying new devices and formats and while some work better than others, it's a wonderful lab to test things.

I should probably find out what those dogs are barking at. See you soon!

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