Sunday, February 24, 2013

Turning Points

I realize it's been a while since my last post, but I've been distracted.

And when I say distracted, I do not mean "I saw this really neat bird," or "I just discovered video games". I quit my full-time job a few weeks ago and have been doggedly pursuing where my next big paycheck is coming from. Among other things.

You may recall the last few entries, I mentioned suffering from writers' block in regard to my fiction writing. It was my hope that this was from work-related stress, and that when the stress was removed, I'd start getting ideas again. The first thing I did after quitting was catch a bad cold, and the only thing to come out of my head was snot. This is essential to the tale and you MUST know about my snot.

I don't consider myself holistic, but I do believe mental illness can manifest physically. When life gets down, I can push through pretty well, but at some point I'm going to crash hard. My body flips me the bird with both hands and says "I ain't putting up with this no more!", caging me in a sickbed. On the plus side, once I'm over it, things feel normal. This time, I remembered what "normal" is for me.

Since my recovery, I've come up with three terms that push innuendo so far it cracks, made a stranger cry because of an off-the-cuff reply, and had an idea for a book that, if it's been done already, I haven't seen it. I feel like I'm back.

Part celebration, part ongoing quest, I'll be spending the next few weeks on the road starting Thursday. I'll be seeing people I haven't in a long time, looking at new prospects that shouldn't suppress my potential, listening to digital tons of audiobooks and speeches, seeing new sights, and drinking beer. I thought about creating a new site to showcase my travel log and pictures, but what better way to promote the next phase of my life than a blog that, while collecting digital dust, I consider very much alive.

Pay attention over the next few weeks as this baby should explode in updates and media. And enjoy!

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