Tuesday, February 17, 2015


In some ways, breaking my arm has altered my life in permanent ways. I've got a wicked scar. Wearing short sleeves shirts will not be enough to keep a passerby from noticing and from that point on, no matter what I've done with my life, for some people I'm always and only going to be "that guy with the arm scar". Even when I get my strength back, I'll probably always be cautious of what I do with it.

But there are a lot of things about me that have not changed, and likely won't ever. For instance, sleeping on my stomach still appeals to me, but trying it just sets my arm on fire. And while on the subject, I still don't sleep well. Since I wasn't sleeping last night I tried meditating, and it worked to a point. Instead of feeling wearing and unmovable, I can move around fine but am sporting a wicked headache. I'm also not going to every be bodybuilding champion of the world, but honestly I let that dream die a while back.

There are crepes in my near future, which makes me happy. Fat Tuesday's fun no matter how you celebrate it, but depending on how this turns out I may start a movement to bring the pancake tradition to my corner of the States. I can think of many people that would have no problem with this at all.

There's also a bar with hundreds of styles of gin on tap promised for tonight. Thinking about it, I think these "vacation" dealies might catch on.

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