Monday, April 8, 2013

Days 14-16 - Los Osos and Eugene!

The weird thing about living someplace other than hotel rooms is that the only personal responsible for cleaning up the place is me. It can get in the way, but the alternatives are worse. Anyway, here are pictures!

By the time I arrived in Los Osos, CA to meet my uncle John for the first time, the sun was setting and a thick wave of fog was flooding in. It was difficult to take pictures. Not impossible.

There was a bird on the beach that looked like the stereotypical noir snitch, only without the alley or streetlamp.

I tried getting a picture of the fog as it was cresting over new territory. This is as close as I could get it.

Uncle John is a man of many trades. He taught English across Asia for years, does massage therapy part-time, and also dabbles in botanical design. Did I say "dabble"? Because I meant "his entire property is pretty much a collection of plants".

Mountain! I believe this is Mt. Shasta. I have already made every joke possible, and don't feel the need to repeat them here.

My next destination was Eugene, OR, setting of IZombie, close to the real-life inspiration for Springfield, Simpsonverse, and oh yeah, my sister's place!

Her landlord has a flock of chickens, which she helps maintain. There's one that's hers. She hasn't paid for eggs in I don't know how long. 

Eugene's either a very big town or a very small city, either way it has more natural landmarks than manmade ones. For instance, it has a 150+ year old cherry tree.

Its river is more of a river than Indy's White River.

Eugene's idea of graffiti is interesting. 

Climbing up Skinner Butte, we saw the Creeping Columns, demanding to be sat upon.

The top of Skinner Butte gave us a great aerial shot of Eugene as a whole. Observe!

Next update: Washington!

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