Thursday, April 4, 2013

All Good Things...

Saturday night, when I arrived in Omaha, Darcy called me downtown with her housemates and what seemed like every other 19-30 year-old resident of the area to drink, listen to live music, and just socialize. It was a great night.

The next day, everyone was wiped out. We functioned. I walked a dog and wrote a bunch. Then we watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones. It was my kind of Sunday.

I set out Monday morning from Omaha, feeling good and ready to meet road and rubber. I arrived in Des Moines just in time to meet my friend Ryan for lunch at Zombie Burger, which is the classiest and tastiest theme restaurant I've ever seen.

A tiny bit pricier than I'm used to, but the money was well spent. Afterward, we took a driving tour that sent us back and forth around the city a number of times. We stopped at Court Avenue Restaurant for some root beer. I explained that I was interested in trying local beers from the beginning of this trip, and while root beer's not exactly the same thing, I was driving so this worked out. It was the tastiest root beer I've ever had. Des Moines's not especially big, and most things there are generic that I saw, but when they want to make something special, they do it.

Seven hours later, I was back home again. In Indiana.

I've felt pretty exhausted since I've rediscovered my own bed, and yet I feel like I've gotten a lot done. I jumped right back into my duties at the Comic Carnival, and it's about as much fun as I remember. We came up with the most epic Skype phone tree ever. I also jumped back into my D&D gaming group, and we caught up on a lot of dice rolls, innuendo, and horribly inappropriate jokes. Made up a lot of lost ground.

I also found the data-ready phone cable, so I'll be able to get the rest of the photos online very soon! Maybe not today, but soon! Tonight, Mom comes back from her own interstate trip, so the house will be full again. I'd say all Walshes would be at their homes at this point, but I just learned my sister is in Honolulu right now. So she's a jerk.

Prepare yourselves for the pic wave!

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