Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Days 17-20 (REALLY?!) - Port Townsend

From my sister's place in Eugene, OR, I went up to visit my brother and his fiance in Washington state. Specifically, an itty bitty town called Norland. They live in an apartment above a garage. This is their backyard.

A short drive away is a public fort, complete with decommissioned gun emplacements. I didn't mind that they chose not to fire it to commemorate my arrival.

That night we had cupcakes. My sister made them for us, and they were yummy.

We spent St. Patrick's Day on the road, starting with breakfast at the Blue Moose Cafe for corned beef hash.

We toured around the commercial district of Port Townsend for a bit. I got to visit The Writers' Workshoppe, where I picked up a sweet t-shirt. There was also Bergstrom's Auto, the place for antique car parts and memorabilia. Beth, go get Gary right now and show this to him. 

Everyone else, as you were.

It was easy to escape civilization and see some natural wonders. For instance, Olympic National Rainforest.

It's terrible to pick and choose which pictures to throw onto the web, because honestly so many were good, but none truly capture the total, almost choking amount of life that inhabited the area. I'll try anyway.

 Here's a silly shot of the happy couple, not to scale. OR IS IT?!?!?!?!?

From there, we visited Ruby Beach, home or at least vacation spot of a pair of bald eagles. While there, I decided to conquer the driftwood from Hell.

The next day, we had lunch at my brother's school, the NorthWest School of Wooden Boatbuilding. I left then and took a ferry to Seattle, where my aunt and her family live.

I covered a good chunk of the Seattle visit already. My next update will fill in gaps and include shots from the USA to our Mexico: Canada!

EDIT: Wow. Forgot that I covered a bunch of this already. Not everything, but most. Meh, plenty of new shots, I'll leave this up anyway.

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