Sunday, August 3, 2008

Inaugural Address

Tomorrow begins a new phase in my attempts to be a professional writer: trying to write while working a full-time job. Many have overcome the rigors to persevere, and by keeping a diary of my experiences maybe I can at least contribute to the community of wannabes, if not document the path.

I find myself having to admit I'm helluva lucky. The job it one I've done before, I know I can have time to myself when conditions permit, and my immediate boss is one of my closest friends from college. So long as I don't do anything too stupid, I'm going to be okay. On top of that, I'll have little things like medical and dental insurance, so those are classified as "uppers." This is a job, and as such I'll need to focus on what they would have me focus on, but I know I have plenty of things to focus on when the other things are lying in wait.

Shocktype Productions has a lot of things going on at the mo. My graphic novel is still looking for an artist, but the list of potentials trying out grows. I'm doing research for my webcomic project, and a lot of what I'm reading either inspires ideas or reinforces the ones I already had, all of which is glowing. I have the tingling of a new idea thanks to a New York Times article, and as soon as I come up with a hook I expect the world won't stop me. My two finished short stories are still making the rounds, but I am pleased that I'm developing the skin necessary to handle rejection. I suppose high school DID teach me something.

I look forward to posting on this at least weekly, as I don't want to promise more and dissappoint. See you later, everyone!

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katmorgan2 said...

Hey Ryan, nice to hear your voice over the wire. Glad to hear you sounding cheery and upbeat. Only one thing, you need to get rid of "in my attempts to be a professional writer" and change it to "on my course to becoming a professional writer."
Stay positive.
And good luck with the job. Sounds a doddle.