Sunday, August 10, 2008


It can sound like a cliche, an excuse, and sometime an ugly truth. Nine words:

"It's not what you do, it's who you know."

The ugliness comes from the idea that you can produce the highest quality of work, but if no one knows about it you'll never succeed. The definition of success is the key here. If all you want to do is make the best stuff you can, without anyone's knowledge or approval, then the saying's useless. Homo sapiens being a communal animal, though, this scenario rarely applies. Most of the time we're all running around trying not to yell "LOVE MEEEEEEEE" without sounding desperate. And the fact of the matter is if you want to live off of what you love, you're going to have to convince other people - eventually - that what you love can support life.

A trip to the fair proved a recent good example. The last few times I've gone have been with the Endres, a fine friendly group of people when they've all had their naps. I've known them since college, they're some of my best friends around, the kids are cute and bite softly, and Marsha Endre's my new boss at the mail room. I've got a few reasons to make them smile.

This short drink of water's Lily. For a two-year-old, she was mostly very content with watching everyone at the fair. She fed the animals, played a bit in the water, and basically was a lovely child. It's possible that this was to lead the general populace into a false sense of security.

The pater familius, David. A lot of the pictures this trip were taken by the boy, Xander. I swear I'm WAY taller than him. Stronger too, and and and I know more words. For reals. Ohh, to the right is the rarely pictured mater familius, Marsha.

I was able to take care of some extra networking with this trip. You see, one of my bestest buddies from my masters course has (or had, he might've hit his head at some point) an obsession with a classic fair food. Why don't we look at the next few pics and try to figure out what it is, shall we?

It seems that the obsession has a contagious element to it. Here's Xander presented with HIS lunch.

Note the expression on Mommy's face.

So that was my Saturday. Networking can be fun, even if I still have a thing or two to learn about it. The rest isn't important unless you're Duncan, in which case you should probably highlight the last of the this post.

HA HA! I had a corn dog and you didn't! It was hot and golden and deliciously fat-filled! Xander at ALL of his, too, that's the power of a real corn dog and YOU don't get any!! HA HA HAAA HAA!!!!

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Duncan Heaney said...

CORNDOGS!!!! Sweet, offal-filled sticks of deliciousness and evil.

Mmm... one day I will have you corndogs. One day I will have you all...