Monday, August 18, 2008

Censor Thyself

A blog like this can be a tricky thing. I'm working now, and my job presents challenges to my pursuit of writing, but I like my job so I need to watch what I say here for hear of reprisal. It's frustrating as well because I want to be able to vent.

So it's a little fortunate that my brother's driving my nuts. I can vent about him till Hollywood calls and no one will care!

My brother doesn't have a lot of initiative. Sorry, but there it is. He's been sitting around "playing by ear" and "improvising", his code for watching Star Trek DVD's while I've been at work. He does his share of the chores while the 'rents are off in England but nothing else, unless it's make a cake he eats half of before I know about it. He spent the weekend with a friend this passed weekend, leaving me to do his share of the chores on top of my own AND my own errands and plans AND working Sunday at the Comic Carnival, so I ask him to do the grocery shopping one last time and clean the kitchen and bathroom.

I get home today and he's there,watching TV and eating. I ask how his weekend was and he says fine. I ask if he got my note and he says yes. I noticed that some of the dishes weren't put away and ask if he got everything on the list and he says yes. My brother's a liar.

Kitchen: not clean.
Bathroom: not clean.
Groceries: oh yes let's.

My list is glanced at. He notices I list (with a question mark asking him if he'd like it) spaghetti sauce makings. He notices a section of the note that says we need to talk to Mom and Dad about the pets, who're down on food and we won't be able to afford all of us, stocking up. And for the first time in a long time, my brother takes initiative. He buys pet food. He buys people food too, let's not get too crazy, but it's people food he knows I don't like. And we're just about out of money. And he made zero effort to communicate with me on this, he made choices that were slightly more convenient for him with no regard for the others he's living with.

I'm still working on the webcomic. I stayed late at work to ink the latest pencils, and I scanned/ finished it tonight. After 3 beers. I'm fine working like this, but it almost seems like my brother's claiming the other parts of the house as territory by default.

I am obviously very tired and cranky and need to go to bed.

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