Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shroedinger's Road

Work continues to proceed, both the kind that I try to focus on in this blog - the kind that gets me up in the morning - and also the kind that pays me.

I’m of the mind that the Arts are interconnected. That is to say, someone who can play music very well might have an easier time composing their own, or even drawing or cooking. I also like to believe that the more arts one is skilled in, the more robust each art skill is made by the others.

I’m doing a LOT of drawing right now for the webcomic I’m doing, and as I'm figuring out how to draw people's hair and all that, I find I'm learning more about these characters as people. My main character's a young woman, but aside from earrings she doesn't like most jewelry - this is something I never thought about until I tried drawing bracelets on her and discovered she didn't look right. Even the tiny characters I put next to no thought into, as I'm drawing them they become... fuller. It's an odd sensation, but certainly a welcome one.

I had finished six such strips by the time I sent them to my friend Stuart Sayger for review, and his response (positive - let's be clear) has me reevaluating the style I was using. I'm looking at thicker lines lengths now and am even toying with the idea of using a brush for the figures. I've little aptitude with a brush, but a lack of aptitude hasn't stopped me yet so what's the point?

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