Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 31 - Final Stretch!

I woke up on the 30th in my hotel room, and realized two profound things. First, I felt better. I felt so much better. I took it easy the day before, I pushed my Badlands trip off, I ordered "healthy" Chinese food, and took care of myself. I had to make myself do it, but I did, and it paid off. This was a good epiphany.

The second thing I realized was that I'd overslept by almost two hours. Not as good an epiphany.

I gorged on leftovers and made my way to Badlands National Park. I decided to take the Notch Trail, as it looked like the best mix of exciting terrain and brevity. I nailed it, with only a few new dents in my skin to show for it. I'm still suffering from lack of pictures, but I took some stellar ones. As I resume my picture backlog, I'll post them here and make the world gasp in awe.

Let me know if I'm overselling it.

On my way to Omaha, I was pulled over for speeding. Three miles over the limit. Verbal warning. I get that traffic cops get bored sometimes, but why do they find me so entertaining?

So I arrived later than I intended, but make it I did to Omaha, NE, where I met up with Darcy and her menagerie of friends, comrades, associates, chums... so I think it was just the entire drinking population that came out last night. We hit a pizza place so I wouldn't fall over, then a tiny music venue for some live folk, and finished the evening at someone's studio where people kept tripping over the DJ's input cable and the party had fun with it.

I hit the bed about 3:30am. Out like a light.

I'm spending the day chilling out, which is pretty easy given the local weather, and tomorrow I go back to Indiana. A solid month on the road. Longer than I expected, but it's been so worth it.

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