Friday, March 15, 2013

Best Excuse Ever

I haven't updated a whole lot recently. The reason being that the time I'd intended for blog writing got abducted by people that wanted me to do cool things with them. I figure the smarter move was to collect things to write about, rather than write about all the things I didn't do. So....... sorry?

Karen in LA took me on a blitzkrieg tour of the area, including trips to the Getty and Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House, tours of SpaceX (special thanks to Patrik for showing us around!) and Sweet! (there needs to be a shop across the hall called "Dude!"). A bunch of us went to see Oz at El Capitan in 3D - I don't know how Karen managed to get us front row balcony center tickets, and I don't care because they were worth it! Gelato, leftover Italian food, and beers fit into the mix too. She also has an inflatable mattress and a fondness for hosting people, so long as they've read Ben Franklin's works. Karen, thank you again.

From there I went to Los Osos (not LAS Osos, get it right, people) to meet my Uncle John. Uncle John lives in an oasis of plant life tucked into a little neighborhood, where he also does massage work. John doesn't have my dad's sense of humor, but he does have the gentle, tolerant affection for life in all its aspects, as well as his habit of swearing at the most surprising of times. Even through a late fog bank that shut down most of our sightseeing, I was amazed at how much the area reminded me of Falmouth. Both are coastal towns determined to stay as small and inviting as they can be, with family-owned businesses that everyone knows like family, and zero hesitation to give a guy a ride for no better reason than we're all in the mood for the same kind of food. We had thai from a place with a decent squash curry (pumpkins are orange, dammit!), good phad thai, and great beef salad. We're supposed to meet up again in September for my brother Evan's wedding, and I truly think we should meet at other times, too. My mom's going to love you, John!

A 12-hour drive from there and I was at my sister's Rory's place. She had homemade pasta and a wide selection of alcohols waiting for my weary mortal shell, and we fell asleep catching up on the few primetime comedy shows we think are actually funny. She is the bestest sister ever.

Today promises a lot of walking. As someone that drove all day yesterday, I do not mind this. My phone hoards its pictures so guardedly I'm calling it Troll now, so while you wait for the pictures, here's something funny I found on the intertubes.

See ya!


karen said...

Glad you had fun! FYI Patrik's name is spelled without the C (darn Swedish spelling...)

Ryan Walsh said...

Darn you, autocorrect!!!!!!!

Should be fixed.