Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 20 - Sweet Release

I woke up this morning after ten hours of solid sleep, the first time this happened in recent memory. It was pretty awesome.

I ventured into downtown Seattle because it was Wednesday. Specifically, the third Wednesday since I'd left Indy and thus read new comics. I needed my fix! The people at Zanadu hooked me up with some uncut Saga fresh off the UPS truck. They're good people and treated me right.

The guy at the register also pointed me to Monorail Espresso, which served me the best macchiato ever. No joke.

Between the comics and the caffeine buzz, the shakes subsided. I found a nice place to read and got about halfway through when the rain started. I can now say I've had the full Seattle experience. I rushed into the Moore Coffee Shop located right next to the (surprise!) Moore Theatre. They did a very nice macchiato and had a place to sit down, so I can't bring myself to call one better than the other.

By the time I'd read my books, my aunt's class was over, so we met at Pegasus Pizza to have lunch. The food was great, the beer advice well-informed, and the conversation enthralling. My aunt's a pretty cool person.

I toured the coastline afterwards ans saw a tiny Statue of Liberty. I checked and didn't see Nicholas Cage anywhere, but the tension never did completely fade away.

You have to look closely, but behind the statue is the Celtic Swell Pub. The staff was very friendly, and by the time I'd left, I'd written 1,100 words in my big novel project. This is big for me. I haven't gotten deep into this story in about a year. I worried I'd forgotten how. Worse, I feared I wouldn't like it any more, that years of work were destined to get put aside because I'd let it get too stale. I'm thrilled to report that not only did I find my place, I found myself mentally backing away, letting my fingers fly, and enjoying the stuff that came out. "Relief" fails to express what I felt as I was packing up to head back to the ranch, but that's where it starts, to be sure.

Short version: I had a good day today.

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