Friday, March 22, 2013

More Catching Up

Carslbad, NM to Arizona (Day 5) wasn't a terribly exciting trip, it was just long. I enjoyed a few brief stretches of the trip that had wonderful views of the mesas, but honestly by this point they'd lost their novelty.

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures once I got to Arizona because I was staying with the Endres, who took photos for me. In my defense, I'd visited before and gotten plenty of pictures then, so I wasn't as pressed to capture the sights. They did show me some new things, though. One was the latest boy's habit of mimicking poses, which makes him almost too cute.

The other was the stargate. I don't know why giant ribs are in line to be sent through, but it did make me hungry.

The walking tour of Scottsdale was a lot of fun, and I really hope Marsha will send me the photos at some point.

It was about five hours drive to San Diego that Sunday, officially Day 10 of my trip. My friend Nathan has driven to Indy from here multiple times, and it was nice to reciprocate even with this small gesture. His place, while not completely moved into yet, has a curiously pleasant view.

Nathan took me for some very tasty food and beer, after which I caught one of those famous San Diego sunsets you hear about.

We went on a quick driving tour of the sights, what few we could see decently in the dying light, and I learned a few things. One, SD has a gorgeous nighttime skyline.

Two, my camera has a panorama feature.

Next backlog update: LA!

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