Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 18 (Really??) - Travel Sores

I compose this in the sitting room at Evan and Erin's place in Nordland, WA. It's also the living room, lounge, and visible to the kitchen, bathroom, and loft/ bedroom. This apartment isn't small - the ceilings are vaulted and climb for the treetops, the windows bring in natural light all day and capture gorgeous, natural views from every angle. It takes everything a young couple loves and keeps it close at hand. It's not just cozy, it defines the word and demonstrated how the word isn't interchangeable with "small".

Yesterday, we barely spent any time here. We instead went out to the Blue Moose Cafe for some delicious corned beef hash before starting our driving-intensive tour of the area.

Our first destination was the Olympic Park Rain Forest. I wasn't sure what to expect with this, being an Indiana boy I hadn't experienced rainforests except from movies portraying them as steamy, aggressively lush environments that provide cloaked aliens with excellent hiding spots. No aliens this time, and no bears or mountain lions. There was a LOT of green, appropriate for St. Pats!

The sheer amount of raw life sent me into shock. That may have also been the huge amount of oxygen in the air. Either way, we had fun with it.

A bit more driving, and we'd arrived at the Pacific Ocean a la Ruby Beach. It's one of those places where there is just so much raw elemental power that most people are afraid to ruin it with littler, or even taking souveniors. IT's simply awe-inspiring.

This is not to say that we didn't play around just a skosh.

After we all had given our due respect to our place in the order of things (read: Evan and I got our pants soaked by a raging tide), we drove back. And when I type "we", I mean "Erin seriously thank you so much for driving our loud mouths around all over this beautiful place!"
By the time we got anywhere near the Garagemahal, everything save Taco Bell was closed, so we had Taco Bell. We got home and washed it down with beer and a micro-USB cable from the car. Their cable let me grab the pictures you see here and the dozens of others I haven't posted yet. But now I can. Mwa ha. AHAHA HAH AHA HAAAAA!

Ahem, anyway. Expect me to post some image-intensive updates in the next few days just to catch up on my journey. I'll be halving lunch with Erin and Evan in a few minutes, then it's off to Seattle, WA, known for its lovely Castillos. See you soon!

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